35 mins. B&W

Beauty queens, Cadillacs, and murder.

Julie Bowen (of TV hit show Modern Family) in her first screen appearance.

Award-winning film festival favorite, Five Spot Jewel, tells the story of small time partners-in-crime, Doris and Nick. Nick drives a Cadillac. Doris is a beauty queen. All is going well until one heist does not go as planned. As their small world closes in around them, Doris and Nick turn on each other like the aggressive fighting fish for which the film is named.

Writer/Director/Producer: John O'Hagan
Starring: Julie Bowen
Starring: Silas Weir Mitchell
Production Supervisor: Justine Underhill
Cinematographer: John O'Hagan
Costume Designer: Maja Hanson
Hair/Make-Up: Rhea
Sound: Neil Sanders
Production Assistant: Rob McCulloch
Editor: John O'Hagan

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