A documentary film about the town America lost in the storm -- Waveland, Mississippi.

It was being called "The Storm of the Century" before it had even arrived. On the early morning of August 29, 2005, Category-5 Hurricane Katrina approached the Gulf Coast of the United States. As the world's attention focused on New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina took a last minute turn to the East and made landfall on the small coastal town of Waveland, Mississippi.

By the end of the day, the town of Waveland no longer existed. The largest storm surge in recorded history (which some described as a "giant wave") had risen 40 feet high and washed over Waveland, wiping out almost every structure in the town and the lives of many.

Arriving in Waveland by chance only a few days later, director John O'Hagan met and began recording the varying responses of the surviving Waveland residents. None had ever expected to experience what they did. All reacted differently. In the weeks, months, and years following the storm, this film follows the residents on their different roads and asks the deeply human question of what it means to lose a home and to try to find it again.

In post-production. Expected release 2018.